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Kelly Thacker is the author of romantic suspense novel "Numberless Dreams" and humorous autobiography "I'll Tell You What I Think." She is available throughout the state of Utah and the Mountain West to read excerpts from her books to audiences of all ages and give author talks on following your creative passions late in life.

Topics of interest include inspiring young readers to pursue creative writing and writing as a second career later in life.

About the Author | Personal Narrative

Becoming an author late in life is something most people might pass off as a far-off fantasy rather than a reality. But when I read that Alan Bradley had written his first book at age 70 ("The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie"), I decided I was much, much younger than that and what the heck, I should just go for it. So that's what I did.

For most of my adult life I was a business owner. It always afforded a good life where I could take care of my 3 kids and later, to travel the world with my husband. But when my grandchildren came along and I grew weary of the 9-to-5 life, I looked to filling my days with my creative passions. I wrote must of my first book, "Numberless Dreams," while sitting at my desk in a Salt Lake City high-rise office building. I was 54 when it was published. When I formally retired a few years later, I turned my attention to my second book, "I'll Tell You What I Think," which I published at 66. I may have started late in life, but I made it happen and couldn't be happier. I now encourage anyone with the desire to follow that dream.

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A broken marriage, a second chance, a charge of attempted murder...


When her husband is mysteriously poisoned and nearly dies, Autumn becomes the prime suspect. With her world crashing down around her, she takes a gamble on her one last chance for acquittal, knowing she might lose everything in the process. Will Autumn’s plan work? Or will she lose her new life and her family forever?

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