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"I'll Tell You What I Think"

Memoir of a Sophisticated Cat

The amusing autobiography of a self-important cat,

written from his sophisticated and cynical point of view.

Thor is not your average cat. Suave, cool, man-about-town, he shares his observations of the people and pets in his household. Left on the doorstep as a newborn, his first order of business is establishing himself as the alpha male of the household. This is no problem with Maggie, the insecure family dog, but trying to convince the master of the family, the ultra-alpha male, proves to be more of a challenge.

Although he loathes dogs, his impatience with Maggie’s insecurities compels him to teach her how to abandon her doubts and embrace life. And with the successful completion of the Maggie project, he plans on spending the rest of his life in total self-absorption. But when the mistress of the house loses a loved one, Thor feels a cracking of his heart, resulting in a closer look at his own selfishness.

I’ll Tell You What I Think is an irreverent, humorous, and poignant story for animal lovers. Beyond eliciting laughter at Thor's ridiculous antics and unique voice, the book will tug at your heartstrings as it moves toward a surprising and tender ending.

What Readers Are Saying . . .

"This book is absolutely hysterical, from the very first sentence down to the last. I quickly devoured it in a day, and my 9-year-old twins are currently fighting over who gets to read it next after they read the opening chapter to their friends and they all howled with laughter."

"The voice of Thor the cat (who I always hear in my head as a smug Alec Baldwin) is unlike anything I’ve ever read. He is so acerbic and biting, yet suave and sophisticated at the same time … even while he’s gotten himself caught in a raccoon trap or hops into the washing machine!"

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